Leia Inc launches a 3D tablet: The Lume Pad


Leia-Inc-Lume-Pad-2020-Front-BackIn mid-October Leia Inc starts shipping the Lume Pad,  the world’s first 3D Lightfield tablet featuring the company latest 10.8 inch screen, for less than 1,000 USD. Leia Inc is a display technology company co-founded by David Fattal (Carnot Fellow 2001) in 2014. The Lume Pad was developed for commercial applications. It functions as normal Android tablet, but is equipped with a “4 x 4-view Lightfield display, offering an unparalleled 3D immersive experience to highlight select content.” Big players are invested in the company, including Continental AG, the leading tier 1 for automotive displays, with plans to equip cars with Leia’s technology by 2022.

Leia also announced a series of commercial partnerships to cover different verticals, including Beijing Wenxiang in Education, Dhiraagu in Luxury Hospitality and Infuse Medical for medical training.

Leia DLB


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