The Carnot Foundation assumes a dual role towards its fellows:
On one side it provides them with financial support and on the other side it gives them access to mentors.
The mentors are key to the Foundation, they all have assumed important responsibilities in their domains: art, government, CNRS… They now volunteer to put their experience at the disposal of our fellows to :

  • share their professional experiences,
  • help them with decision about career opportunities,
  • widen their professional network.

The Carnot Foundation and the Institut national du patrimoine organize two activities alternatively:
An event followed by a cocktail where former Fellows present their research work.
Two days outside Paris to see an exhibition or visit a well-known historical site.


Philippe Durey *

Institut d’études politiques de Paris et Ecole du Louvre

Honorary General Curator of cultural heritage, former director of the École du Louvre (2002-2017)


Michel Laclotte

Ecole du Louvre

Museum Conservator – Former director of the musée du Louvre (1987-1995).


Brigitte Léal

Profil Linkedin

Vice Director in charge of the collections of the Musée national d’art moderne au Centre Pompidou, Paris


Stéphane Loire

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Painting department Chief Conservator at the musée du Louvre


Marie Jaccottet

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Institut Français de Restauration des Œuvres d’Art (IFROA)

Work of Art Curator, specialized in graphical arts


Roch Payet

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Institut Français de Restauration des Œuvres d’Art (IFROA)

Advisor in preventive conservation at Conservation service – Former Programm Director at the curators department of the Institut national du patrimoine.

photo E Starcky mod

Emmanuel Starcky *

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Ecole du Louvre

General Curator – Director of “Musée des Plans-reliefs”

*Jury Members